About Popp & Co.

90 years young and still defining home electronics

The name POPP stands for over 90 years of reliable and affordable electrical engineering made in Germany.

Founded by Heinrich Popp in 1930 , we've been at the forefront of the expansion of electronics into European homes. First with a focus on electrical china, circuit breakers, and lamp fittings. Then, in the 1950s, as engineers of wall switches. And now, since 2008, we've focussed our engineering know-how on crafting connected electronics for the smart home.

In 2018, Popp & Co. joined Aeotec Group. This new partnership aims to marry our German led engineering with Aeotec's experience 14 year experience in leading the automation industry. Combined, we're reimagining precisely what automation technology means to the modern home and the modern work place.


Aeotec Group; since 1930.