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For over 90 years, we have engineered our devices to the right standards and we've gone so far as to help define standards. Now, as we engineer for the smart home, that standard is Z-Wave.

Z-Wave products deliver the value of smart lighting, improved safety and security, comfortable heating and climate control, and last, but not least, energy saving at an affordable price. Z-Wave products from Popp & Co. are focussed on filling gaps in the market and helping our partners and users alike realise their vision of a smart home.

smoke sensor

10-Year Smoke Sensor

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co sensor
external power supply

External Power Supply for POPE004001

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z-wave water flow stop
z-wave mould sensor

Mold Detector

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outdoor smart plug

Smart Outdoor Plug

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smoke sensor

Smoke Sensor with controllable Siren

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z-wave outdoor siren

Solar Outdoor Siren 2

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z-wave trv

Thermostat Radiator Valve

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z-wave rain meter
z-wave weather guage

More about Z-Wave

The leading wireless standard for smart home connectivity, Z-Wave features a whole set and subset of technologies. Those subsets include Z-Wave Plus, Security 2 / S2, and SmartStart. You can learn more about each on our sister site,