Wall Plug Switch Outdoor

Z-Wave smart plugs move outdoors
outdoor z-wave smart plug

Our Wall Plug Switch Outdoor (Product Code: 009105) can be placed between a wall outlet for Schuko plugs (plug type F) and electric devices, plugged in by cord. It can switch all loads up to 3500 W. The plug switch is IP 44 rated and can therefore be used both in dry as well as humid environments in- and outdoor.

Switching is controlled wirelessly using Z-Wave or locally applying a button. A multi color LED indicates the switching status and the assignment of the colors to the switching status can be defined by the user. The local button can control the local on/off functions but can also be used to control other functions in a Z-Wave network. Single and double clicks are distinguished. The device will report any change of the switching status to a central gateway.


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