Mould Detector

Protect your family from mould related health issues
z-wave mould detector

Do you know the danger of mould? Protect yourself from it!

The POPP Mould Detector protects your home against mold formation. The detector has a unique and elegant design which fits in every Smart Home. Because of his slim design the Mold Detector can be placed at any position, which needs to be supervised.

To protect your home against mold the detector meaures temperature and humidity of its environment. The Mold Detector notices specified combinations of temperature and humidity, which can lead to the formation of mold. If a specific range of humidity and temperature, which leads to mold formation, is reached the detector sends out a warning to your Z-Wave Smart Home gateway. With that you will always be informed about the danger of mold formation.

Thanks to the Mold Detector the damage on buildings and apartment through mold can be avoided. If the Mold Detector dectects any danger of mold, the air system can be started automatically, the autamtic window motor can be opened or the residents will be alluded via push message to air the rooms.


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