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z-wave rain sensor

With Z-Rain your smart home gathers intelligence outdoors.

Do you want to be informed when it starts raining and your windows are still opened? Or do you want to control your garden watering intelligently and not water your garden when it's already had enough rain? POPP Z-Rain is not only a rain sensor - it’s also a rain gauge.

The Z-Rain has an internal rocker, where the rainwater is collected until the weight of the water tilts the rocker. The tilting will be registered from a reed sensor and counted as well. Based on that the rainfall will then be calculated.

With the first tilt of the rocker and therefore right to the beginning of the rain you will receive the first value from the Z-Rain. Then you can get a push-message or e-mail, if one of your windows is still opened and your awning will close automatically.

The great advantage of the Z-Rain is, that it not only detects rain but also measures the exact amount of rain. A small little shower is not always a reason to close your side windows. You can also configure the value of rain, when you want to be informed about the rain. During a rainfall the Z-Rain reports the amount of rain every 1024 seconds in m3 (total sum of the rainfall), mm per m2 and mm/h (current strength of the rainfall) to the Smart Home Gateway. When the rainfall stops the last measured value will be sent to the gateway. Afterwards the value will become nil again. With that you can turn off your garden watering with the beginning of a rainfall and turn on the next watering cycle based on the measurements of the last rainfall.

Thanks to Z-Wave and the operation with two standard AAA batteries the Z-Rain can be placed anywhere in your garden. Because of the integrated battery booster technology the Z-Rain could possibly have lifetime of up to 5 years depending on the wake-Up interval.


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