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z-wave weather station

Our Z-Weather (Product Code: 005206) is the world’s first energy-automated Z-Wave sensor, measuring different values and reporting to smart home center. Z-Weather is a cup anemometer for Z-Wave installations which continually measures the wind speed and can, for example, trigger closing of the awning and blinds if it is too windy. As a multifunctional sensor Z-Weather is also able to measure different values and reporting to smart home center. Measured values will be reported every 1 or 2 hours. Special events such as squally wind, storm or twilight will be reported prompt. Thanks to direct association the Z-Weather can close protective blinds or retract awnings without time delay.

The wind and weather sensor is powered by a solar cell and works completely independent from cables and batteries. The internal energy storage ensures the service at night. There is no need for batteries and the Z-Weather is completely maintance-free.


Z-Wave functions

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